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Message from Fire Department: Use of Barbecues & open Flame Cooking Devices in Multi-Family Residential Housing Prohibited

The Fire Prevention Bureau of the Moreno Valley Fire Department is notifying residents as of January 1, 2008, the use of barbecues and other open-flame cooking devices in multi-family residential housing balconies, patios and decks are prohibited (California Fire Code Section 308.1.4). View the Letter from Moreno Valley Fire Marshal for more details. 

Painting of Homes due in 2023

3/23/23: UPDATE: The Board of Directors has extended the painting due date to December 31, 2023. Please review the Painting Extension Notice  (Also mailed to all homeowners). 
12/5/22: The painting of homes in Promontory Pointe is long overdue. The Board of Directors is requesting that homeowners of each building come together to get the homes painted by June 1, 2023. Please view the Painting Notice & Color Scheme for more information. 

2023 Budget

The 2023 Budget has been approved. The Association dues will be increasing to $435.00 beginning 1/1/23 through 12/31/23. Look for the Budget packet in the mail.

Keep Your Old Pool Keys


All Homeowners and Tenants need to make sure they keep their old pool keys, as these are the bathroom keys, and you will need them to access the facilities. 

Time To Add Mulch!


Pool Areas


 The Pool area gates have been upgraded to a key fob system. New key fobs will be available   for pick up on the following dates:
 Cactus Pool: March 20, 2022 at 6:30pm to 8:00pm
 JFK Pool: March 26, 2022 at 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Homeowners will need to present a picture ID at the time of pick-up. If a tenant will be picking up, they will need to present a written approval from the homeowner, proof of residency, & ID when picking up the key fob. 

New Pool Furniture Arriving the Week of March 14, 2022

deck chair and beach umbrella,vector illustration

New pool furniture will be arriving to the pool areas the week of March 14, 2022, for all residents to enjoy. Please help to keep our pool areas and community nice by taking care of these new items, and keeping the pool areas clean. 

2022 Painting & Community Upgrades

Heads up: At some point this year (2022), the Promontory Pointe Board of Directors will be requiring homeowners to paint the exterior of their properties. We will be sure to keep all homeowners updated on any upgrades as they are scheduled. 

Resident Reserved Parking

Resident reserved parking is now available first come, first serve. Please contact Leann Parish, 951-279-3934 ext. 223, for any further questions.
Resident Reserved Parking Application

Trash Enclosures and Overflow


There has been an ongoing issue with the Waste Management bins being overfilled to the pointe where trash is being left on the ground. We request all units keep the trash enclosures clean at all times. 
Reminder: Every time a bin is overfilled beyond the top rim to where the lid won’t close, the HOA is charged overage fees. Also, large objects like mattresses and couches are often dumped, leading to extra fees being charged to the HOA for removal of these items. Please be aware, Homeowners will be charged any and all dump fees for all large items dumped in the trash enclosures. 

Fall Outdoor Floral Displays


Are you ready for fall?   Get your property’s containers and hanging baskets in on the fun with bountiful autumnal displays. Click Here for some ideas to consider. 

Post Office Delays In Delivering Mail – Sign Up for ACH!

Would you be interest in signing up for ACH? Due to post office issues, we highly recommend owners set their accounts up on ACH. This will allow the HOA bank to automatically transfer your monthly assessments from your bank to the HOA’s. This will alleviate the delays of the post office and ensure your payments are always on time. If you would like to do this, please check the website under “Homeowner Forms” for the ACH form, or click here.

Open Forum Rules During Board Meetings

Please click Here for the Open Forum Form, and information regarding Open Forum Rules when attending a Board of Directors Meeting.